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Student Email System

1. First of all

For student e-mail, We use the Gmail function of "Mie University G Suite" with Google's G Suite (old Google Apps).
In addition to the Gmail function, you can use other functions (calendar, document, drive etc).
*From fiscal 2015, it is possible to use not only students but also faculty and staff. Along with this change, we renamed it "Mie University G Suite".
  Various notifications from the university will be sent to student email. Please use "Students' Mail" for communication with the university.

2. About system


Sign in to "Mie University G Suite"


Please use "Unified account" when accessing. And follow the link on the left if you want the information about distributing and obtaining unified accounts.
"User ID" is the e-mail address "Student ID number@m.mie-u.ac.jp".
For "password", please enter the password of the unified account.

E-mail address

The e-mail address issued is "student ID number@m.mie-u.ac.jp".
If the student ID number contains an alphabet, it will be "UPPERCASE" (even lowercase letters will arrive, but officially it is capitalized).


  1. Access the above "Mie University G Suite"

  2. Please enter your e-mail address and click "次へ(Next)".

  3. Please enter the password of the unified account and click "次へ(Next)".

  4. The following screen will be displayed only when logging in for the first time, please click "同意する(I agree)".

  5. Please click "Mail" from the "App Launcher icon" next to the user ID in the upper right.
    Or click the icon representing Gmail.

  6. "Account protection" may be displayed immediately after logging in, but you can click "Finish" without entering anything.

    You may also be asked for "Enter mobile phone number", but you may choose "Skip".

    "Setup progress" is displayed only when logging in for the first time, but you can ignore it.
    Also, if "Enable Desktop Notification" message is displayed at the top, please click "Do not display".


  • Mailbox capacity: unlimited
  • Attachment size limit: 25 MB
  • Even if you are not using it, account expiration is not in school
  • For other restrictions, please refer to here (external site)

Failure Information

In case of failure, we will contact you on "障害情報" of "Center for Information Technologies and Networks " top page.

You could contact support if anything is wrong.

3. Convenient usage


4. Using mail software


After February 16, 2021, G Suite will no longer be able to turning on less secure app access.

Along with this, you can send and receive emails by using email software that supports OAuth2.0 authentication.

Turning off less secure app access to G Suite accounts

Setting example when using mail software