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About Center for Information Technologies and Networks

1. Division

Division of Network Information Infrastructure & Research

Network Infrastructure division provides high-speed network system which is essential to smooth educational activities and office works.

Division of Education Information System & Research

Educational Support division opened several computer rooms for lectures and self-study. We also operate workshops on such topics as IT-related certification exams, how to use various types of software, and security measures. Faculty and students can confirm news about lectures by cell phone, home PC, and the intramural bulletin board system

Division of Network information & Service

Information Services division consolidates the management of accounts for faculty, staff, and students as "Unified-account," which is used for electric programs inside Mie University. In addition, it holds several useful license agreements for software such as "Microsoft Office Professional Plus," and they are available for faculty, staff and students of Mie University.

Administrative division

The information / library team of the academic information department, and the information platform room will work in cooperation with each research and service department.

2. Contact Us

E-Mail Address

Support E-mail Address : support@cc

(".mie-u.ac.jp" is omitted. Please add ".mie-u.ac.jp" when send email.)

We will reply as soon as possible. Please contact us in Japanese Language, if possible.

The administration office is jimu@cc.

3. Opening Hours

Opening Hours

*1st - 3rd classrooms 8:40- on weekdays

*4th classroom 8:40 - 17:50 on weekdays (Basically, it isn't be open during long vacations)

For details, please refer to "Guidance of System for Education"

Closed Days

  • The end of the year and the New Year (Dec.29th-Jan.3th)
  • Obon (around Aug.14th-15th)
  • Saturdays, Sundays, and National holidays
  • The day for system maintenance
  • The day specified by the Director of the Center

4. About Lost-and-found

All the lost-and-found items in and around Center for Information Technologies and Networks are kept in our office, and the storage limitation is at most six months.

We throw away what we judged trash.

For example, magazines, printed paper, and so on, those that are difficult to distinguish to trash will be kept for one week.

If the owner will be able to confirm, we may confirm data to check owner. (USB memory, mobile phone, etc.)

For the student ID card, we will hand it over to Student Affairs Office.

You need a student ID card to receive a lost item.

5. Location

This Center is Located in the center of Kamihama Campus next to the library.

Address : 1577 Kurimamachiya-cho Tsu city, Mie 514-8507

  • By Bus
    From Tsu Station East, take Mie Kotsu (Sanco) bus at the No.4 bus stop bound for No.6, 40, 51,52, 53, or 56 bus, and get off at "Mie Daigaku-mae."
    Get off at "Daigaku-byoin-mae" if you come to University Hospital, Facultyof Medicine, and Faculty of Engineering.
  • By taxi
    It is 10 minutes from Tsu station.
  • On foot
    It is 15 minutes from Edobashi station.

Here is more details (google maps).