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Student mail system

How to set up Outlook

When using Outlook, use GSSMO(G Suite Sync for Microsoft Outlook) to synchronize with G Suite.

  1. Download GSSMO.
    Click "Download GSSMO" on the download page.

  2. Double-click the download file to run the installation.
  3. When the installation is complete, the following screen will be displayed automatically.

    Enter your email address and click "Continue".

    If it does not start automatically, from the Start menu, click "G Suite Sync" → "Set up G Suite Sync user" to start it.

  4. The browser will start automatically. Click on the account of your choice to log in.
    * Leave the GSSMO application screen as it is.

  5. Click “Allow”.

  6. If you see that you have been successfully authenticated, you can close your browser.

  7. Click “Create profile”.

  8. Start Outlook from the following screen or Start menu.

  9. The synchronization screen is displayed. Click “Close”.

  10. Outlook has synced with G Suite. Please check the sending and receiving of mail.