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1. How to use

Authentication method

Authentication Method 802.1X, PEAP
Server Certificate Do not use (verify)
Terminal (User) Certificate Do not use

How to connect

  1. Please obtain eduroam JP access ID / password.
    Please refer to the services related to GakuNin (eduroam) about how to acquire these.
    If you are a member of another organization, please get your account in advance at the organization you belong to.
    A member of coorporating organizations can also use the "eduroamJP認証連携IDサービス".
  2. Please select SSID displayed "eduroam" and log in with eduroam account ID and password. Please refer to the following manuals about the how to connect to each terminal.

2. Available places

Please refer to this page about current available places.

3. Protocols available on Mie University eduroam

About Web

  • http (80 / tcp)
  • https (443 / tcp)

About Mail

  • pop3 (110 / tcp)
  • pop3s (995 / tcp)
  • imap4 (143 / tcp)
  • imaps (993 / tcp)
  • ssmtp (465 / tcp)
  • msa (587 / tcp)

About VPN

  • PPTP (GRE protocol (47), 1723 / tcp)
  • OpenVPN (1194 / udp, 1194 / tcp)
  • SSH (22 / tcp)
  • IPsec NAT traversal (4500 / udp, 4500 / tcp, 500 / udp)
  • L2TP (1701 / udp, 1701 / tcp)

4. Usage Notes

  • If you are a member of Mie university and use eduroam at other institutions, please use it according to the rules of the place.
  • Please do not use other person's account.
  • When unauthorized connection or abnormal communication is found from the connected device, we may forcibly disconnect the network. Please note.
  • When there is an inquiry about unauthorized communication of eduroam in Mie University from relation institutions, we may forcibly diciconnect the network.

5. If you cannot connect well

User name / password have been changed, but the entry screen for user name / password is not displayed and cannot change these.

Please the setting contents (profiles) corresponding to SSID = eduroam and connect to the network again.
Delete the profiles as follows.

  1. Click the network icon on the taskbar (see Step 2) and click "Network and Internet Setting".
  2. Select "Wi-Fi" from the items on the left screen.
  3. Click "Known Network Management" and click "eduroam".
  4. Click "Delete".

I was able to connect to eduroam before, but now I cannot.

If you use the services related to GakuNin (eduroam), the expiration date of the ID may be full. Please check once.
When the radio wave of wireless LAN is weak, 1X authentication may fail. Please check whether authentication cannot be done correctly in spite of strong wave.
In addtion, once the authentication fails at the places where wireless LAN is unstable, even if all settings are correct, authentication may not pass for a while.
Wait a couple of minutes and retry at the place where radio wave is strong.
If it still does not connect, erase eduroam settings and reset it. Eduroam may be connected. Please check it.