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Secure VPN Connection Service

1. First of all

Secure VPN connection service is a service that provides access to various servers, homepages, personal computers in-campus from outside the university.

After VPN connection, there are some restrictions, but it becomes almost the same state as the one connected to the campus network.

2. Note on connection

After connection, it is virtually the same as PC connected internally.

If you connect a computer infected with a virus or the like and cause problems on the campus network and computers in the university, individuals will bear the responsibility.

Please update OS, various software, and take anti-virus measures before connecting.

3. Client requirement

  • Windows
    Windows 10
  • Mac
    OS X Yosemite v10.11 or later
    * Please run update , and keep the latest state.

It is also possible to connect in the following environment.


... Please set Remote Gateway is "sslvpn.mie-u.ac.jp".

4. How to connect

You can also connect by Linux(Ubuntu,CentOS etc.) , but we can't support.