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How to use of Minecraft

    How to use

    Usage is various. People who know how to use can start single play immediately. Please enjoy as it is.
    Here, we explain simple operation method. If you would like to program using Minecraft, click here

    How to start

    Click the "Play" button.
    Click "Create New World".
    Make the settings.
    ◆ About the mode, Education Edition, you can select the following three modes.
    • Survival mode (Minecraft 's basic mode, players survive by exploring the world of Minecraft, building houses, gathering food and collecting resources to survive.
    • Creative mode (It is a mode in which resources can be acquired indefinitely, and those who want to create things and enjoy programming are supposed to be here.)
    • Adventure mode (It can not be selected in the initial setting.After making the world once, you can select from the "Personal Game mode" setting)
    ◆ It seems to be better to start with Easy while you are not familiar with difficulty level . In piece mode, enemies will not come out. Easy, normal, hard all enemies come out. There are minor differences, but as the difficulty level goes up, the damage will also rise.
    ◆ About
    cheat By keeping cheat running ON, programming can be done.
    If you want to enjoy Minecraft normally, it is OK to leave it off.
    When the above setting is completed, please click the "make" button.
    The world of Minecraft has started.
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    How to operate

    Minecraft uses both mouse and keyboard. Below is the default setting. It is also possible to change it.

    ◆ Mouse

    • Move the mouse up, down, left and right, the viewpoint moves.
      (You get intoxicated if you move suddenly without getting used to it)
    • Turning the mouse wheel changes the selection of the item column.
    • Left click, we will perform attacks.
    • Press and hold the left click to destroy the block etc.
    • Right click = use of item, guard, installation of block

    ◆ Keyboard

    Pressing the ESC button allows you to change Minecraft settings, save Minecraft and exit.
    By clicking "Esc" button, the mouse becomes free. Even if you press the ESC button, time runs in the background.
    Even if you are looking at setting change and how to play, time flows.
    When it resumes it may be dead, so if you want to pause it, I think you'd save and exit.
    • W: Go forward
    • S: Go down later.
    • A: Move to the left
    • D: Move to the right
    • SHIFT: Crouching
    • SPACE: Jump.
    • E: Open the inventory.
      Item management and item creation are possible on this screen.
      A list of items that can be created from belongings is displayed on the screen on the left.
      If there are not enough items, it will be displayed in red background.

    Click an item that can be created from the screen on the left and click the item displayed on the right side to create the item.
    When you click an item whose background is red, missing items are displayed in red in the right side.
    T: Open the chat screen.
    It is used for multiplay and programming.
    If you would like to program using Minecraft please see this page.
    As other operations, the followings are possible.
    • Numeric keys (1 to 9): Switch items. It is tied to 1 to 9 in order from the left.
    • F1: Hides or displays the item column below.
    • F5: Switch the viewpoint. It makes it a first person viewpoint or a third person perspective.
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    To do at the beginning

    Because Minecraft has a high degree of freedom, various things are done, the following is an example. Please freely walk through the world of Minecraft.
    When I am doing Minecraft, I think that there are things that I want to examine on the Internet variously, or I want to discontinue by removing the seat. However, once Minecraft is started, I do not know how to end it. By clicking the "Esc" button, instead of the screen on the left side, the mouse becomes free, it is possible to save and exit and search. If you do not save and finish, in the world of Minecraft time flows and you may die, so be careful
    I hope the new Minecraft world began, but I do not know what to do first.
    If you leave it without doing anything, it will be night of that, it will be attacked by a monster and die.
    First, press W on the keyboard to move forward, try approaching trees and earth and destroying the block.
    By pressing and holding the left mouse button, the block can be destroyed.
    If you destroy a block, some items will be dropped.
    When approaching, you can take items and they are displayed in the item column
    After acquiring the item, try pressing the E button on the keyboard. What you can create on the left side may be displayed.
    If there is nothing to be created, I will continue to hit the trees growing in the world and destroy trees.
    Once it is destroyed, the tree will be dropped. Let's approach and pick it up.
    After acquiring the tree, press the "E" button on the keyboard again to open the item column. After opening, when you click on what appears on the left side, wood is displayed on the right side.
    Move wood to item column. Using wood, you can create many more items
    From the ones that appeared on the left side, we will create an item called workbench
    After creating the workbench, place it under the item column. Then press "E" on the keyboard to return to the field screen.
    Turn the mouse wheel to select the workbench. When selected, the item is held on the right hand. If you right click on this state, a workbench will be installed
    A workbench was set up. In the same way, you can set items and use items by right clicking.
    If you hold items, you can do various things by right clicking. Please right click as you face the workbench.
    Up to now we were only able to synthesize four items, but now we can synthesize nine items. With this you can create swords, picks, shovels and hoe, doors and furnaces. Please make a variety and survive so that it will not die even at night
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