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Creating website on Google Site

1. First of all

You can easily create a website with your Mie University Sansui Mail. Please use it to create your laboratory's website or your personal website.
Addtionaly, you can use 'Hosting Service' and 'Wordpress Service' for creating a website.

2. How to use

  1. Please login to Google Site with using your Mie University Sansui Mail
  2. Please select your favorite template from the list of templates.
  3. If you create your homepage compleately, please press the publish button in the upper right corner.
  4. Please enter your favorite URL(Default : https://sites.google.com/mie-u.ac.jp/****/, **** : dummy string). And, select the management of the users who can view the site.
  5. By eliminating restrictions on viewers, everyone can view your homepage.
  6. Please please press the publish button for puplishing your homepage.

3. URL

The URL of your created homepage is https://sites.google.com/mie-u.ac.jp/****/. But, if you want to change URL like https://yyyy.gakubu.mie-u.ac.jp/(Ex. https://site.cc.mie-u.ac.jp/), please contact support.

4. How to use Google Site

Plese refer the website on the internet to learn how to use Google Site. For example, you can refer to this site.