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Hosting Service

1. WordPress Service

You can create a website using WordPress.

→ Please refer to this page.

2. Homepage Service

[New reception started on January 2005]

Please write "ホームページサービス希望" and apply by e-mail.

If you are a student, come to the center to pick up your account. In doing so, we will verify your identity with your student ID so please be sure to come and see it.

It is a service to open a homepage "www.cc.mie-u.ac.jp" below.


The portion of "????" is set to be what you desire unless it is confusing as duplicates existing ones. But please make it similar to the name, organization name homepage contents, etc.

In case of application from a student, we will limit it to student ID number.

The qualication for use are limited to students and regular faculty staff of our university.

Usage notes and attention on website creation are the same as for web hosting. Please be sure to read.

-> For more details

3. Web Hosting Servise

[New reception started on January 2005]

Please write "ウェブホスティングサービス希望" and apply by e-mail.

Qualifications for use are limited to organizations that represent regular faculty and staff of our university.

It is a service to publish the homepage at the virtual host. Unlike 'Homepage service', it can be published with arbitrary URL (* 1).

* 1: within the range of mie-u.ac.jp.

Notes on usage

  • We will give you an account for uploading. It is not possible to change this password, so please contact us if you want to change password.
  • You can not upload from outside the campus.
  • The administrator will register the mail address on the administrative mailing list. We will send the notification through this mailing list.

Notes on Website creation

  • cgi, ssi can not be used. If you would like to use cgi or DB, there is a fee virtual server service, so please consider that.
  • When using multi-byte characters (Kanji Hiragana katakana) in file names and directories (folders) names , the problem is likely to occur , so it is recommended that you avoid url to use multi-byte characters.

Notes on Security

  • Access to only those who know the URL is not a substitute for "authentication". The uploaded file is public information and please make sure that it does not matter if it leaks to the outside.

-> For more details

4. Creating website on Google Site

You can create website with using Google Site.

→ Please refer it.