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Large Format Printers Service

1. First of all

We print after 17:00 on weekdays. If you want to attend at the time of printing, please come after 17:00. (We don't print on Saturday, Sunday, Holidays)

About the usage charge, please refer to below.

You can not use "private expense". You can pay only by "school fund" or "Trust Accounts".

Depending on the season, reservations may be filled daily, so please have a margin.

2.How to apply

Please fill out the application document and apply to support.

The application document is here.(Japanese version only)(ver.20170613)

When you want to attend : [yes]

Please come and bring poster data at reservation time. If you worry about the printing result, I think better that you attend.

When you want to attend : [no]

Please send poster data when you apply.

In the case of "When you want to attend:[no]", you cannot specify printing date. Please tell us deadline when applying.

When we complete printing, we contact you. Please come and receive.

About applying from student

If you are student, please be sure to include in cc the faculty who allow the use of budget in e-mail.

3. Note on creating poster

About poster data

Please check again poster data and bring complete version.

Please bring not only the file converted to pdf, but also original Word/Powerpoint file.

About borderless printing

With borderless printing, letters and images (excluding the background color) in the above, below, right and left portions of 1cm are cut out without being printed.

Please be careful to place a margin of about 1cm above , below, right and left on the poster data.

About fonts

Please use the standard fonts of Windows or Office for poster data.

4. Paper type and paper size

You can change the vertical direction length freely (long scale). Automatic cutting.

The paper size that can be output is A2 size or larger and the maximum width is 1067mm.

*A0 size is 841mm×1189mm ≒ 1m2

Paper type Size Width (mm) Model number
Thick coated paper 42inch 1067 Canon LFM-CPH/42/145
36inch 914 Canon LFM-CPH/36/145
A0 841 Canon LFM-CPH/A0/145
A1,A2 594 Canon LFM-CPH/A1/145
Photo glossy paper 42inch 1067 Canon LFM-GPH/42/170
36inch 914 Canon LFM-GPH/36/170
A0 841 Canon LFM-GPH/A0/170
A1,A2 594 Canon LFM-GPH/A1/170
Photo semi-glossy paper 33inch (A0) 841 Canon LFM-SGA01R
Cloth paper 36inch 914 彩dex300

We use Canon iPF8400SE by printing.

5. About usage charge

Type Size Characters only Standard Full color background
Thick coated paper A0 ¥500 ¥660 ¥980
A1 ¥250 ¥330 ¥490
A2 ¥125 ¥165 ¥245
Photo glossy paper
Photo semi-glossy paper
A0 ¥1360 ¥1520
A1 ¥680 ¥760 ¥920
A2 ¥340 ¥380 ¥460
Cloth paper A0 ¥2420 ¥2580 ¥2900
A1 ¥1210 ¥1290 ¥1450

*In the case other than that above, we calculate based on the amount of A0 size.

*You can not use "private expense". You can pay only by "school fund" or "Trust Accounts".

6. Reservation status

You can check the reservation status.

Please confirm the reservation status and contact at desired time.

Reservation status is here. (in campus only)

*The reservation status is not final.