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PC Recovery, Media Crush Service

1. First of all

PC Collection

Our center can dispose unnecessary PCs which is handed by you (out-sourcing). Please take them to technical stuff room. Also if you have any power adapter, take it, too.

※We cannnot receive the CRT.

We will dispose device after erasing data with magnetic if there is strage medium in your PC

There is media crash service at General information center. If you expect phisical destroy, please bring device without HDD here.

At Mie univ, we reuse the PC with permission after erasing data.

Media Crush Service

We will provide hard drive degaussing service using MagWiper MW-15000X Degausser, and we will destroy it physically using CrushBox (HDB-20V).

However, USB is outside in our media crush service. please destroy on your own.

Also the medhia crush service is for education, research, and work at this university. So we can't accept personal items.

2. Target device

You can pick up your laptop, desktop computer, Mac Book, or iMac.

For media crash, 3.5 inch HDD, 2.5 inch HDD, backup magnetic tape (only magnetic erase except DDS),

SSD (only physical destruction), and floppy disk (3.5 inch only) are available.

Audio tapes and video tapes (DV, VHS, etc.) are not allowed.

The maximum size that a disc can handle is 188 x 104 x 25 mm (VHS tape size).

Please contact the Information Infrastructure Office for office PCs.

3. How to use

Please copy the following request form and fill the request by Japanese. Then please write

"PC回収、メディアクラッシュサービス依頼書" on the subject and send it to support.


依頼日:(   )年(  )月(  )日

所属:(       )
氏名:(       )

パソコン:   (   )個
HDD:     (   )個
その他(   ): (   )個

持ち込み日時:(   )年(  )月(  )日(  )時ごろ



申請書 Ver.20190723