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PC Collection, Media Crush Service

1. First of all

Items that have been used for education or research of the University are eligible. Personal items and those from outside the University will not be accepted.

PC Collection

Our center can pick up computers that are no longer needed. (along with the power supply that came with it, if any) Please bring it to the Technical Staff Office.

PC disposal is outsourced. If the collected PCs have storage media attached, they will be disposed of after clear or magnetic erasure. If you wish to have physical destruction as well, please remove the HDD and bring it. Media crush service will be performed at the our center.

Only authorized PCs will be reused on campus after data erasure at our center.

After the data is erased and the OS is reinstalled, the PCs will be posted on the Mie University Recycle Web site.

【About Display】
We cannnot receive the CRT.

Media Crush Service

We will provide hard drive degaussing service using MagWiper MW-15000X Degausser, and we will destroy it physically using CrushBox (HDB-20V).

However, USB is outside in our media crush service. Please refer to websites such as "Erase USB memory completely" and destroy it by yourself.

2. Target device

  • PC Collection

    Our center can pick up laptops, desktop computers, Mac Book, or iMac.

  • Media Crash

    3.5 inch HDD, 2.5 inch HDD, backup magnetic tape (only magnetic erase except DDS), SSD (only physical destruction), and floppy disk (3.5 inch only) are available.

    Please remove HDDs, SSDs, and other drives from the computer or external box and bring them with you. We cannot accept them if they are still in the computer.

    Audio tapes and video tapes (DV, VHS, etc.) are not allowed.

3. How to use

Please use the application form below to apply from a faculty or staff member on campus. Applications can only be submitted from a Mie University email address (Gmail account). After the application is submitted, we will contact you at the email address you entered. Please remove any storage media (SD card, PCM card, USB receiver) from your PC before bringing it in.

PC Collection, Media Crash Service Application Form