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About Using Printers

1. First of all

Printing with printers provided as system for education is limited to using personal education and research.

Please note that we can not approve the printing of circle villas etc.

2. About printers

  • Printers are installed in Center for Information Technologies and Networks classrooms, University Library and MEIPL where the educational terminals is installed.
  • The printers is compatible with color and duplex printing.
  • The number of pages that can be printed consecutively at one time is 10 pages.
  • The student ID number etc is inserted into the printed matter. It can not be canceled.
  • Please use printing papers that is loaded. To prevent paper jams, bringing paper is prohibited.
  • For paper other than A3 and A4, please use "manual feed".

3. Print point system

For students

  • The cumulative number of printed sheets has an upper limit, and it is point system. It is 100 points in half a school year. It is reset at the end of March and the end of September.
  • Black and white printing is consumed 1 point per page. Color printing is consumed 3 points per page.
  • The current point can be confirmed from the print management system.
  • The print warning mail will be sent if the consumption point exceeds 80%, and the print restriction mail will be sent if the point limit is reached.
  • When the print point approaches the upper limit, you can add points by applying. Please receive "プリンタ使用枚数追加申請書" application at the window of Center for Information Technologies and Networks and apply it.

For faculty and staff

  • Basically it is the same as students. The maximum point by adding points will be 500 points.
  • For over 500 points, actual expenses will be borne by the school fee transfer. (Payment by private expense can not be accepted.)

4. Printing from your own PC

Printing can be done from your own PC using the printers provided as system for education with IPP (Internet Printing Protocol).

In order to use IPP printing, it is necessary to install the driver on the PC.

In addition, you need to connect to the campus network for setting and printing.

Click here for connection to campus wireless LAN.

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