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Mobile LAN

The current wireless access point installation location

The current wireless access point installation location is as follows.

Classification Building name Floor Installation location Available for
guests network and eduroam
(Number of WAP)
College of Liberal Arts
and Sciences
building No.1 1F classroom No.1202008/11~(2 installed)
active-learning data room 2008/11~
lecture room No.1012008/11~
lecture room No.1052008/11~
2F PBL Seminar Room(1)2008/11~ (2 installed)
Conference room 2008/11~
Faculty room(Former lecture room No.204) front corridor2008/11~
lecture room No.2052017/2~
lecture room No.2062008/11~
Physics 3rd laboratory 2008/11~
3F PBL Seminar Room(2 installed)2008/11~ (2 installed)
lecture room No.3012008/11~
lecture room No.303 front corridor2008/11~
Left side of the lecture room No.3042008/11~
lecture room No.3052017/2~
Foreign history's exercise room front corridor2009/3~
Philosophy Ethics and social education's exercise room front2008/11~
Japanese history room front corridor2008/11~
Inside of material room2008/11~
4F Library and computer room2008/11~
lecture room No.4192008/11~ (2 installed)
lecture room No.402 front corridor2008/11~
lecture room No.4032017/2~
lecture room No.4042017/2~
lecture room No.4052017/2~
Information Education Room2008/11~ (2 installed)
building No.2 1F classroom No.1812017/2~
classroom No.1822013/9~
classroom No.1832017/2~
PBL lounge2013/10~
2F corridor2013/9~
classroom No.2802017/2~
classroom No.2812017/2~
classroom No.2822013/9~
3F classroom No.3812013/9~
classroom No.3802013/9~
classroom No.3822017/2~
4F corridor2013/9~
building No.3 1F Entrance lobby2012/11~
classroom No.11112017/2~
classroom No.11212006/3~
classroom No.11312017/2~
2F classroom No.12112006/3~
classroom No.12012017/2~
classroom No.12212017/2~
classroom No.12312006/3~
3F classroom No.13012012/11~
classroom No.13212012/11~
building No.4 1F Entrance lobby2011/3/24~
Physics 1st laboratory2017/2~
2F 4th Chemistry 1st Laboratory front corridor2007/3~
3F corridor2011/3/29~
4F Asia-Oceania Culture Course Data Room 22006/3~
4F Practical Foreign Language Education Multipurpose Library / Learning Room 2006/3~
5F corridor2011/3/29~
Science laboratory building 2F Physics 2nd laboratory2016/5~
classroom No.190 1F classroom No.1902006/3~
Faculty of Humanities, Law and Economics Humanities school building 1F Student lounge 2011/3/29~
1st Lecture Room 2017/9~
2nd Lecture Room 2006/3~
classroom No.102 2016/12~
2F English reference room 2006/3~
Community space 2006/3~
1st Seminar Room 2006/3~
3rd Seminar Room 2006/3~
6th Seminar Room 2017/2~
3rd Lecture Room 2006/3~
IT Lecture Room 2017/2~
3F Thought material room 2006/3~
Audiovisual classroom 2006/3~
8th Seminar Room 2016/12~
Main conference room 2016/12~
Small conference room 2017/2~
4F Department of Social Science Office 2006/3~
Legal Study Library 2006/3~
5F room No.505 Modern economic data room 2009/3~
room No.503 front corridor 2011/3/29~
Faculty of Education Building No. 1 1F Refresh Room Front corridor 2008/11~
Chemistry student 1st laboratory front corridor 2008/11~
Curriculum Education Library Front corridor 2008/11~
Near the entrance in multipurpose hall 2008/11~
Sports laboratory front corridor 2006/3~
Corridor in front of the first conference room 2006/3~
2F School Education Library Front corridor 2008/11~
Educational Practice Analysis Room Front Corridor 2008/11~
Teaching material development room front corridor 2008/11~
Regional collaboration B room corridor 2008/11~
Physical Property Physics Laboratory Front Corridor 2008/11~
classroom No.201 2017/2~
3F classroom No.301 front corridor 2008/11~
classroom No.301 2017/9~
classroom No.302 2017/09~
corridor between classroom No.303 and classroom No.304 2008/11~
PBL Seminar Room 4 Front corridor 2007/3~
PBL Seminar Room 31 2017/2~
English course 1st exercise room front corridor 2008/11~
Distance lesson room front corridor 2008/11~
Family administration Consumer life Science laboratory Front corridor 2008/11~
Residence Study Experiment Room Front Corridor 2008/11~
Cooking practice room front corridor 2008/11~
4F Classroom No.401 front corridor 2008/11~
Classroom No.402 and PBL Seminar Room 41 classroom front corridor 2008/11~
Classroom No.403 front corridor 2008/11~
Near the entrance of the PBL Seminar Room 7 2008/11~
Seminar room before 2008/11~
Japanese language exercise room front corridor 2008/11~
Mathematics Department Equipment Front Front corridor 2008/11~
Near the entrance of the large conference room 2008/11~
Building No.2 1F North side corridor 2014/2~
South side corridor 2014/2~
2F North side corridor 2014/2~
South side corridor 2014/2~
3F North side corridor 2007/3~
South side corridor 2006/3~
4F North side corridor 2006/3~
South side corridor 2011/3/29~
5F North side corridor 2014/2~
South side corridor 2014/2~
Music Education Building 1F In front of practice room 2013/8~
International interact room 2013/8~
Hall 2013/8~
2F Chorus room 2013/8~
Technical Education Building 1F Hall 2013/8~
Wood processing laboratory 2013/8~

Technical Education Second Laboratory

Corridor in front of Electrical Training Room 2013/8~
Art Education Building 1F Ceramics Preparation Room 2013/8~
2F Sculpture Classroom 2013/8~
2F Design Classrom 2013/8~
Incumbent Building 2F English Department Laboratory 2009/5~
Education Practice Center 2F Center of Audiovisual Room 2006/3~
Attached Special Support Education School 1F Multipurpose Room 2015/7~
Himawari no ie Hall 2012/11~
Attached Elementary School 2F Gymnasium in front of Multiple Room 2014/03~
1F Staff Room
1st Conference Room 2015/3(2 installed)
Attached Junior High School 1F Staff Room of Administration Building 2015/5~
2F International Understanding Classroom in Administration Building 2015/5~
1F Four School Collaboration Room 2015/5~(2 installed)
Faculty of Medicine building of RI 1F Conference Room 2014/4~
Advanced Medical Science Education Research Building A 1F Office in front of Meeting Room 2013/10~
2F Corridor by North Stairs at the corner of EPS 2007/3~
4F Refresh Space 2007/3~
Advanced Medical Science Education Research Building B 1F Amenity Space 2007/3~
2F Small Educational Research Space 2007/3~(2 installed)
1st Lecture Room 2012/4~(3 installed)
3F Conference Room 2007/3~
Multiple Lecture Room 2007/3~
2nd Lecture Room

2007/3~(2 installed)

Scool of Nursing 1F Local  Elderly Care Laboratory 2017/2~
2F Seminar Room 1 2006/3~
Seminar Room 4 2006/3~
Tutorial Room 1 2006/3~
Tutorial Room 6 2006/3~
Tutorial Room 11 2006/3~
Tutorial Room 14 2006/3~
3F Nursing Lecture Room 1 2006/3~(2 installed)
Nursing Lecture Room 2 2006/3~
Nursing Lecture Room 3 2010/10~
Computer Station 1 2017/2~
Group Learning Room 2017/2~
4F Meeting Room 2007/3~
5F Corridor in front of Meeting Room 2008/8~
Maternal and Newborn Nursing Training Room 2008/8~
6F Center of North Side Corridor 2008/8~
Experimental Medical Science 1F Medical Faculty Room (Student Instruction Room and Lounge) 2010/2~
Library 2010/2~
2F Library 2010/2~
3F Refresh Lounge 2010/2~
Pathological Science Research Building 2F Auditorium (Basic Building Side) 2008/5~
Auditorium (Hospital Side) 2008/5~
8F Small Meeting Room 2008/5~

Medium Meeting Room

Comprehensive Medical Education (Clinical Medicine Lecture Room) 1F Clinical Medicine Lecture Room 3 2006/3~(3 installed)
2F Clinical Medicine Lecture Room 1 2006/3~(2 installed)
Clinical Medicine Lecture Room 2 2006/3~(3 installed)
Refresh Spece 2011/3~
Animal Experiment Building 1F Management Room 2012/3~
4F Reading Room 2012/3~
Faculty of Engineering Administration Office 1F Office Room (Educational Affairs) 2006/3~
2F Small Meeting Room 2010/4~
Office Room (General Affairs) 2010/4~
Department of Mechanical Engineering 2F Conference Room 2009/3~
Student Work Space 2008/11~
Multipurpose Meeting Room 2009/3~
Creative Education Experiment Room 2006/3~ (2 installed)
5F ROom 2501 (Refresh Room) 2017/7~
Department of Architecture Graduate School 1F Graduate Student Building Entrance Hall 2006/3~
Classroom 1 2017/2~
2F Corridor of Research Room 2013/11~(2 installed)
Architecture Information Semiar Room 2016/12~
3F Corridor in front of Research Room 2011/3/29~
4F Corridor in front of Seminar Room 2007/3~
Drafting Room 4401 2008/1~(2 installed)
Drafting Room 4404 2008/1~
Department of Information Engineering 1F Multipurpose Meeting Room 2006/3~
2F Computer Seminar Room 2006/3~(2 installed)
5F Corridor in front of Seminar Room 2 2007/3~
Department of Chemistry Engineering 1F Corridor 2014/3~(2 installed)
2F Corridor 2014/3~(2 installed)
3F Corridor 2014/3~(2 installed)
4F Corridor 2014/3~(2 installed)
Department of Electronic and Electronics Engineering 1F Corridor in front of Refresh Space 2011/3~
2F Meeting Room 2006/3~
3F Meeting Room 2013/5~
Central Building Ⅰ 3F

Corridor in front of Computer Seminar Room

4F In front of Rest Room 2014/5~
Corridor in front of Research Room 1 2012/9~
Central Building Ⅱ 2F Conference and Seminar Room 2006/3~
4F Corridor in front of Library 2007/3~
6F Informeation Engineering Meeting Room (North Sea Side) 2009/3~
Computer Room 2 2017/2~
Lecture Building A 1F Room 11 2017/2~
Room 12 2012/9~ (2 installed)
Room 13 2017/2~
2F PBL Lecture Room (Room 23) 2008/1~
Medium Meeting Room 2008/1~
Lecture Building B 1F Lecture Room 14 2006/3~
Lecture Room 15 2008/11~(2 installed)
Lecture Room 16 2008/11~
2F Lecture Room 24 2008/11~
Lecture Room 25 2008/11~
Lecture Building C 1F Lecture Room 10 2006/3~
Large Meeting Room
2F Lecture Room 20 2011/10~
Lecture Building D 1F Lecture Room 17 2006/3~(2 installed)
2F Lecture Room 27 2013/10~
Lecture Building E 1F Lecture Room 18 2006/3~
Lecture Room 19 2017/2~
2F Lecture Room 28 2008/11~
Building of Graduate School of Engineering 2F Corridor in front of Electronic and Electronics Engineering Experiment Room 2007/3~
Boiler Building 1F Boiler Building 2012/12/1~
Faculty of Bioresources Faculty of Bioresources Building 1F Lecture Room 113 2006/3~
Lecture Room 117 2016/11~
Lecture Room 118 2017/9~
Corridor in front of Lecture Room 118 2006/3~
Lecture Room 125 2016/11~
Chemistry 1st laboratory 2006/3~
Chemistry 3rd laboratory 2006/3~
Biological 1st laboratory 2006/3~
Northern corridor of the office 2012/5~
Main conference room 2006/3~
2F Lecture Room 201 2006/3~
Lecture Room 202 2017/9~
Audio-visual room 206 2017/9~
Corridor in front of Audio-visual room 206 2006/3~
Lecture Room 208 2006/3~
Lecture Room 210 2016/11~
Lecture Room 211 2016/11~
Lecture Room 216 2016/11~
Audiovisual classroom 217 2017/2~
Large lecture room 218 2006/3~(4 installed)
Lecture Room 219 2016/11~
Lecture Room 220 2006/3~
CAD room 230 2006/3~(2 installed)
Lecture Room 233 2017/2~
BISS room 2006/3~
Chemical laboratory 4th laboratory 2006/3~
Chemical laboratory 2nd laboratory 2006/3~
Student computer room 2006/3~
Learning commons 2006/3~
3F Corner hallway insect data analysis room 369 2007/3~
Corner hallway lounge 334 2007/3~
Corridor in front of Room 301 2013/9~
4F Corner hallway agricultural production course office 474 2007/3~
5F Corridor in front of Room 574 2011/3/29~
Corridor in front of Room 537 2011/3/29~
6F Corner hallway fish proliferation room 613 2007/3~
Corner hallway biological component analysis room 656 2007/3~
7F Corridor in front of discourse and conference room 705 2007/3~
Corridor in front of Room 748 2011/3/29~
Common Laboratory A 1F 2014/3~(2 installed)
Common Laboratory B 1F Lecture room 2009/9~ (2 installed)
Aquarium breeding house (aquarium group) 1F Indoor 2010/9~
Hydraulics Laboratory 1F Lecture room 2013/3~
Physiological ecologies Laboratory 1F 2014/3~
Mechanics Laboratory 1F 2014/3~
2F 2014/3~
Manufacturing training factory 1F Quality management room 2010/12~
Corridor 2014/3~
Incidental facility farm 1F Administration Building lecture room 1st 2012/12~
2F Administration Building conference room 2 2012/12~
Administration Building multi-use room 2012/12~
1F Accommodation place -Front entrance 2013/12~
1F Farm 2nd 2014/3~
1F Tractor course 2015/3~
Exercise forest 1F Dining room 2013/12~
2F Lecture room 2013/12~
Corridor between accommodation room 6 and 7 2013/12~
Research and Development Institutes
for Regional Innovation
Building C 1F Corridor in front of meeting room 2013/12~
2F Genome sample conditioning room 2013/12~
Proteome sample conditioning room 2013/12~
3F Hall(2 installed) 2013/12~
Building D 1F Information Hall 2013/12~
2F Corridor in front of laboratory 2013/12~
3F Space to interact 2013/12~
Corridor in front of active learning studio 2013/12~
4F Corridor in fornt of Lecture room 2nd 2013/12~
Corridor in fornt of Lecture room 1st 2013/12~
Learning commons 2013/12~
5F Corridor in fornt of Core laboratory 1 2013/12~
Corridor in fornt of Core laboratory 2 2013/12~
Corridor in fornt of Core laboratory 3 2013/12~
Integrated Research Building Ⅰ Building A 1F Refresh corner 2011/3/29~
Corridor in fornt of Faculty of Engineering Mechanical Engineering Laboratory 1 2007/3~
3F Refresh corner 2007/3~
Shared meeting and training room 2006/3~
4F Corridor in fornt of Medical School graduate laboratory 414 2007/3~
5F Postgraduate waiting room 2011/3~
Integrated Research Building Ⅱ Building A 1F Automatic certificate issuing machine in the lobby 2006/3~
Academic affairs common meeting room 2009/3~
2F Center for International Education and Research(CIER)
Corridor in front of computer room
Corridor in front of Conference room

Corridor in front of training room 4


Corridor in front of small conference room


Corridor in front of e-Learning room

3F between room 301 and 302 2009/3~
Lecture room 309 2009/3~
Refresh corner 2007/3~
Building B 1F Corridor in front of seminar room of health management center 2006/3~
Employment support center 2006/3~
3F Corridor in front of higher education creation development center 2007/3~
Building C 1F Shared meeting room 4 2007/4~ Radio condition improvement
2F Confrence room 1st 2008/11~
Confrence room 2nd and 3rd 2008/11~ Radio condition improvement
Building D 1F Media hall 2006/3~ (2 installed)
Center for Information Technologies and Networks 1F Confrence room 2010/6~
Corridor in front of teachers room 2006/3~
1st education terminal room 2007/3~
2nd education terminal room 2007/3~
3rd education terminal room 2007/3~
4th education terminal room 2007/3~(3 installed)
Auditorium (Sansui Hall) 1F Small hall 2006/3~
Back of small hall 2010/3~
Main hall 2006/3~
Lobby (Foyer) 2006/3~
Adjustment room 2009/3~
University Library 1F Free reading room

2013/3/24~(21 installed)

Regardless of radio wave condition,
Please use it in a fixed place.

Central (side of old office)
2F Web frontier
Free reading room
Student reading room
3F conference room
On the entrance of the director's room
Mie Environmental & Informational Platform 1F Front the left stairs 2012/3~
2F Front the left stairs
Front the right stairs
3F Front the left stairs
Front the right stairs
Administration Bureau Headquarters Management Building 1F Contract team meeting room 2011/1~
Bidding room 2011/1~
2F Hall 2007/3~
Executive Meeting Room 2009/3~(2 installed)
4F wall in front of hall middle conference room 2007/3~
5F Evaluation room 2010/7~
Foreign Students’ Dormitory Building A 1F Foreign dormitory building A's 1F corridor 2010/8~ Via radio

Building B

2F Foreign dormitory building B's 2F Near the stairs 2010/8~ Via radio
Foreign dormitory building B's 2F corridor 2010/8~ Via radio
Venture Business Laboratory(VBL) 2F Refresh corner 2007/3~
Social Collaborative Research Center 1F Research support office 2013/9~
Corridor in front of reception room 2014/6~
3F New conference room (former collaborative laboratory 2) 2007/3~
Equipment analysis facility 2F Corridor in front of conference room 2007/3~
Life Science Research Center(LSRC) 2F corridor in front of room 211 2011/3/29~
corridor in front of room 212 2011/3/29~
3F corridor in front of room 308 2011/3/29~
corridor in front of room 318 2011/3/29~
Gymnasium Ⅰ 1F Hall 2007/3~
Gymnasium Ⅱ 1F Tool room front corridor BOX 2008/1~
Indoor sports facilities 1F Northeast side corner ceiling 2007/3~
Indoor training area measuring equipment room 2010/10~
Training room 1F Training room 2015/4~
Suiryo Kaikan 1F aisle

2011/3~ (Enhancement)

2F Dining room 2011/3~
3F Meeting room 1st 2011/3~
Meeting room 4th 2011/3~
Cafeteria Ⅰ Dining room 1F High floor side 2006/3~
2F Lobby center 2010/10~
Cafeteria Ⅱ Dining room 1F Purchasing side 2006/3~
aisle 2014/5~
Convenience store
1F Western table space 2009/9~
Facilities for extracurricular activities 1F Corridor 2011/3~
Men's changing room 2011/6~
2F Corridor 2011/3~
Cultural circle shared facilities
(Extracurricular music building)
1F Chamber Orchestra practice room 2007/3~ Via radio
corridor in front of Practice room A 2011/6~
Men's camp 1F back of the corridor 2011/6~
right before the corridor 2011/6~
Sansui Kaikan 1F office 2010/7~
(Guest House)
2F corridor 2010/9~
Equestrian Area
and Stables
1F stables 2010/3/24~
Raymond Hall 1F management room 2014/4~