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Mail Gateway System

1. First of all

Please also see here if you are a mail server administrator.

How to setup own email server.

In our university, we have introduced a mail gateway system to check the viruses of mails exchanged inside and outside the campus.

From November 2002, it carries out a virus check for all e-mails sent from outside of the university, all e-mails sent from within the campus, and most of e-mails sent within the campus. By doing this, it prevents virus infection within campus.

2. Processing at virus detection

All emails with viruses are discarded.

However, the virus check service is not perfect. It will take some time for manufacturers to respond to new viruses, so we can not respond immediately to new viruses by any means.

So there is plenty of possibility to receive virus-attached mail. Please handle with attached files carefully.

Also, the route of entry of the virus is not just mail.

The infection route is various, such as being infected with the downloaded file, infecting by just browsing the homepage, infecting with network file sharing.

We need to strive for self-defense. Please always update OS and software. In addition, since we are providing anti-virus software at Mie University, please use it.

3. Handling of virus detection and notification

Please check the virus on your computer with the antivirus software being installed.