Each session room will be equipped with one laptop computer, one computer projector (LCDP) and a laser pointer. The laptop computer has Windows XP and PowerPoint 2007 installed. Please prepare your presentation materials with MS-Windows PowerPoint 2003 or an updated version. The language of the file is English. Do not use special fonts such as Thai, Chinese, Japanese, and so forth. The file name of each presentation should be the paper number (e.g. "TRIU13POP-01.ppt"), which will be given when the notificaiton of acceptance is sent.

The student leader of each university should collect all the PowerPoint files of his/her own university and save them on one CD-ROM labeled with the university's name. The staff will collect the CD-ROMs at the reception on Monday evening, October 28.

If you require additional AV equipment, please let us know at when you submit your final manuscript.

General presentations

All the students who submit papers are expected to present their research in both oral and poster presentations. The presentation -- research-in-progress presentations can also be accepted -- may have any of the following:

  1. An empirical investigation (requiring data collection, analysis and at least one conclusion).
  2. An issue paper (one that aims to redefine, evaluate, criticize or synthesize existing knowledge in ways that offer a new conceptual framework or approach for research).
  3. A description of a case study that has implications for future research.

Oral Presentations

Oral Presentations will be given twelve minutes for oral presentations plus three minutes question time (total of fifteen minutes). Presenters are requested to operate the PC at the podium during the presentation, or to make arrangements for assistance in advance.

Poster presentations

Posters will be mounted on a floor standing board (210 cm [vertical] by 120 cm [horizontal]). Poster your presentation on the board just after registration on Oct. 28. The staff can help you locate your assigned panel with your paper number. (You need not print your presentation as a single sheet.)

Posters will be displayed continuously during the Seminar. Presenters are required to be at their posters for their scheduled poster sessions. Takedown time is 15:30 to 16:00, Nov. 1. Make sure that you clean up your poster area. We cannot be responsible for any materials left behind.

Please check the details of the poster presentation on the final program schedule.