The 20th Tri-University International Joint Seminar & Symposium will be held at Mie University from October 28 to November 2, 2013. Mie University will gladly serve as host for this event.

In 1994, Mie University organized the 1st Tri-University International Joint Seminar & Symposium (hereafter referred to as the Seminar) in cooperation with two partner universities, Chiang Mai University and Jiangsu University. The Seminar has become a regular event since then. In 2011 Bogor Agricultural University was newly added as one of the host universities.


Two decades ago, Mie University sought possible opportunities to make international exchange more fruitful for university students, beyond the exchange of academic information among the partner universities. Recognizing the importance of human resources capable of working together worldwide in the midst of rapid internationalization and globalization, the Seminar was established with a focus on young students and researchers. The Seminar offered them opportunities to meet and discuss global issues, such as population, food, energy and the environment.

The three founder universities agreed to host the program in turn. Partner universities having exchange agreements with the three host universities were also invited to take part in the Seminar. Although the number of participating universities has increased and Bogor Agricultural University (Indonesia) was welcomed as a new host university to the three initial host universities in 2011, the Seminar has retained the term “Tri-University” to this day, commemorating the three founder universities and their continuing leading roles in the Seminar.

This year, Mie University is very honored to serve as a host university and wishes to invite more partner universities to join the Seminar.


  1. To give university students opportunities to develop mutual understanding and friendship with fellow students from overseas through real interaction.
  2. To give them opportunities to improve their ability to communicate with people from various countries, and to present and discuss papers in English, which is the most important international language today.
  3. To let them cultivate international awareness, so that they will be able to tackle global issues and to solve problems in cooperation with people from diverse professional fields.
  4. To provide them with opportunities to practice in preparing presentation materials and organizing what they have to say within a limited time in a manner that everybody can understand.


The Joint Seminar provides students, researchers and professors with an open forum to discuss topics under the following themes:

The original four themes (Population, Food, Energy and Environment) continue to define the overall framework of the Seminar. These themes are related to each other and are important for the sustainable, harmonious development and survival of human society. They are the key factors in improving our lives in the 21st century. ESD, which stands for Education for Sustainable Development, was selected as an additional theme this year in order to invite more participants from related fields.

Conference Fee

Participants from overseas will be charged a conference fee of 50,000 JPY per person which includes expenses after arriving at Centrair (Chubu International Airport) until their departure from the same airport (domestic transportation, meals, parties, accommodation and conference registration fee).

Yours sincerely,

MU President's signiature

Atsumasa Uchida, MD, Ph.D.
Mie University