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How to use Google Drive

1. First of all

Many people use USB memory to transport files with their home, but using online storage makes USB memory unnecessary.

USB memory is convenient, but there is always a risk of loss or theft, so use your online storage and USB memory in the right place.

For our students, online storage called "Google Drive" is available and very easy to use.

First, read the notes and then proceed to use.

2. Notes

  1. The "Google Drive" provided by our center is mainly for delivery of files between homes and universities necessary for academic work.
    Please do not use it not in line with the purpose of offering.
  2. Be careful with settings, as not only "Google Drive" but also online storage can be read and written by anyone other than you, depending on your settings.
    Even if you don't intend to open it to the public, if it is "public", it is subject to searches and may be accessed from unexpected places!
  3. The following usage is prohibited.
    • Use for the purpose of publication and sharing to unspecified many.
      *It is also possible to do "public" that some people share, but there is no problem with such usage.
    • Use for illegal acts such as delivery of the work of another person's work.

3. How to use

First, sign in to "Student Email System" (Mie University G Suite).

Click "Drive" from "Drive" in the service list or "App launcher icon" in the upper right .

Select "Folder" from the "New" button and create a new folder.

*You can upload files without creating a folder.

Make a folder name "TEST" here and click the "CREATE" button.

Now that the "TEST" folder has been created, double click it and keep it open.

Click the "New" button or select "Upload ..." from the right-click menu to upload, or drag and drop if it is Microsoft Edge, Firefox or Chrome, which is very convenient.

Example : Drag and drop a word file on your desktop.

It has been uploaded.

To download the file, right click on the file and select "Download" from the menu.