Mobile LAN

Mie University Center for Information Technologies and Networks 2013-06-05


 [Notice | How to use]


Prohibition of illegal use

You need to apply the following detailed rules, when you use mobile LAN.

・You must not use P2P file sharing software such as Winny, Share, BitTorrent, WinMX, easyMule.

 If you bring and connect your own computers, don't operate these software.

・You must not do direct communication between mobile LAN clients.

・You must not connect relaying devices such as broadband routers, wireless LAN access points, wireless routers, NAT(NAPT) devices, and computers those act as these devices.

・You must not connect servers and devices same to server.

・You must not connect computers infected by viruses and worms.

・You must not do communication which cause big influences to another users such as broadband communication and multi-sessions communication.


Action when we find illegal use

If we find your illegal use, we may suspend your unified-account.

If you are suspended your unified-account, then you cannot use all services those need unified-account not only mobile LAN. Please take care.

How to use



You need "unified account".

How to connect

1. Finding a wireless access point

Wireless access points have one of the following SSID.

If you are in the range of radio wave, then you can find some SSIDs.

Each SSID has the following mean.


SSID Radio type
mieu-mobile-g 11g, 11b
mieu-mobile-a 11a


2. Connect to a wireless LAN access point

You need a network security key to connect to a wireless LAN access point. Network security key is here (Accessible only on campus).

There are four security and encryption types. If you have no obstacle, please select WPA2-PSK-AES.


If you succeed to connect, please go to how to login.


How to login

Please open your web browser such as Internet Explorer and access to some page.

Then, the following login page is desplayed automatically.


Please input your user ID and password, and click "接続(Connect)" button.

If you succeed to login, the login page is changed to the following page.

If you block pop-up of windows, please release it.


Please keep this window open. If you close this window, then your computer is disconnected.

If the following view is displayed, your computer might be disconnected.

Please close your web browser and access the login page again.