Mail Service

Mie University Center for Information Technologies and Networks [Octorber 31 2017]

1. Mail Service

If you are students, you can use [Students' Mail System].

If you are staffs, you can use [Staffs' Mail System].

Both, you need "unified account" to use.

2. Mail Service

All faculty/staff can request a email address.Please Contact support.

3. Mailing List Service

A mailing list named by [] is issued using Mailman System.

Please inquire to support for more information.

4. Mass E-mail to All Students Delivery Service (for Staff)

Mass e-mail delivery is done to all students from UNIVERSAL PASSPORT on a daily basis.

The service that staffs also can directly receive this emails began in December 2015.

If you want to use the delivery service, you need register your email address with the delivery mailing list.

You have to register on your own, please register from the following link.

Mass E-mail to All Students Delivery Service(Accessible only on campus)

Only mass e-mail as "To All Students" will be delivered.

You can also cancel registration on your own.

5. Anti-spam Measures

We provide the following services as Anti-spam Measures .

When you want to use the following services, please contact [support].


  1. Block spam mails by specifying e-mail addresses

  2. Campus-only e-mail address setting

  3. Block targeted mails spoofed Mie University e-mail addresses such as @*